Parkwood Estate & Gardens

This national historic site which was once the home of R.S. McLaughlin,
founder of General Motors of Canada. Some of the homes features include
lavish original artwork, furnishings and mementos. The house has 55 rooms,
and a large art collection. Up to 30 rooms are available to view.

270 Parkwood St North Oshawa Ontario L1G 4T5
905 721 4765

Canadian Automotive Museum

The Canadian Automotive Musum tells the story of the Canadian
Automotive Industry through its many displays and original artifacts.
Visitors can stroll through the displays and learn about the technology
used from the earliest cars in the 1700 to the present day.

99 Simcoe St South Oshawa Ontario L1G 4G7
905 576 1222

Oshawa Community Museum

The Oshawa Museum operates out of three local historic buildings.
The museum house thousands of exhibits. Much of the art is by local and area artists.

1450 Simcoe St South ( Lakeview ) Oshawa Ontario L1H 8S8
905 436 7624